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Wall Mounted

This type of dryer vent is most common in two story homes, when the dryer is on the first floor.

120 Day Guarantee



1 Story Roof

Most one story homes have the dryer vent going up out the roof. Cleaned from top and bottom.

 120 Day Guarantee



2nd Story Roof

Dryer is located upstairs. Vents up out the second story roof. 30 ft  ladder needed.                                     

120 Day Guarantee


Bundle with your neighbors           and save $20!                                        Five or more get $25 off!

Servicing Hillsborough County FL.

Kaleigh Patri reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star 

Daniel was seriously AMAZING. I contacted him after continuously growing nervous about my dryer vents. I would have to hit the dry cycle three times before clothes were dry. Daniel was absolutely professional, and went above and beyond to take care of the dryer vent. I absolutely hands down recommend him.



Christi Prosser Elliott reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star 

I had no idea my vents were as clogged as they were. It was kind of scary knowing someone whose house caught fire from the dryer. Thank you to Daniel who was very polite and knowledgeable. I highly recommend.



Jannette Hood reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star 

I could not believe the state of our dryer.
Thank you for your professional and prompt service not to mention piece of mind.
Highly recommend this company.


Krystle Russell reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star

If you are looking for a great dryer vent cleaning service company, look no further! First Cycle came out to my house and did a fantastic job! Very reasonable and knowledgeable. Lint in your vent is a fire hazard so make sure you maintain it at least once a year. Thank you First Cycle for your outstanding service!!


Juan N Veronica Ortiz reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star

I liked the service. Price very affordable. Daniel did a very good service in my dryer vent second floor. I recommend him. Nice person.


Jessica Erin reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star

Such a lifesaver!!! Thank you so much. Great service at a great price!


Doris Davila reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star

Excellent service. Very professional, knowledgeable and affordable. Highly recommend them.


Erica Ascherman Morgan reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star

Thank you so much for the excellent service! I was so pleased that I immediately posted on our community page recommending your company.


Beth Gore reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star

As the mom of 6 kids and several pets, laundry is 24/7 in our house it seems. Daniel was prompt, friendly and attentive. He was professional at all times. Daniel did a super job and we will definitely use him again. We highly recommend First Cycle DVC


Andy White reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star

Awesome service to protect you and your family from possible fire. This service is a lot cheaper than replacing your dryer and almost always it's clogged up vents.


Doris Davila reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star

Excellent service. Very professional, knowledgeable and affordable. Highly recommend them.


Matt Stegeman reviewed First Cycle DVC — 5 star

Great service by better people. Daniel did a great job.

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